Carraway Traffic

You can rely on our team to quickly and efficiently implement one of our many traffic services to solve your parking and logistics challenges. Contact us to book a consultation package which includes a detailed site survey, traffic assessment, and traffic management plan tailored to your business.


Private Roadway Services

Event venues, public centres and retail outlets all face traffic dilemmas at one time or another. Whether it is construction,a special event, high season or another traffic challenge, Carraway has a solution for you. We provide an array of services to assist in the safe and efficient use of your roadways.  


Our Private Roadway Services Include:


Traffic Assessment and Consulting Services

Solving a traffic problem may not be as simple as observing the traffic flow over one day. Digging deeper and conducting counts, surveys and multiple days/times analysis, our experts can form a traffic assessment and management plan that reduces the negative impact that traffic has on your guests.


Intersection and roadway control services

Efficient and safe use of an intersection often requires the intervention l of a human element. Supplementing, completely taking over the management of an intersection, or providing traffic redirection planning are just a few of the ways in which Carraway promotes efficiency and safety on-site.


Wayfinding and Customer Service Represebtatives

Traffic is often caused by lost, misdirected, or circling guests. Carrway focuses on creating custom wayfinding plans that incorporate both a signage and a human element that reduces traffic congestion on-site.


Additional Services

Mass ingress (arrival) and egress (exit) management

Pay duty booking and management


Public Roadway Services

The vast majority of our public roadway services are construction related. We work with your team to create traffic control plans, signage plans and equipment installation that meet your needs and evolve as work progresses. Careful preplanning is necessary for a safe operation, and we are your partner in safety every step of the way.


Our Public Roadway Services Include


Flagging, Lane Closure & Municipal Road crew

Public safety is our biggest concern and crews need an efficient and effective flagging plan to ensure drivers and workers are protected while working near live traffic. A combination of proper signage and adequate traffic management manpower are just some of the components required to integrate a traffic safety plan for a project on public roads. Flagging, Lane Closure and Municipal Road Crew services are available to our clients 24/7


Freeway Crew & Crash truck

In-depth planning is required for the launch and evolution of a freeway traffic safety plan around a project. It can leave no room for error. Our experienced experts can develop a custom solution that allows you to keep your focus on the task at hand, while we control the traffic safety around you and your team.


Additional Services

Assistance Obtaining Municipal Permits

Full Traffic Management Plans

Equipment Rentals